With over a decade of experience and deeply entrenched partnerships with communities in East and Southern Africa, African Impact have expanded and strengthened ties with academia to further develop our engagement for the benefit of both communities and clients; a carefully considered, yet natural transition into the realms of international higher education and global citizenship.

We value quality above quantity – for both communities and participants. That’s why every project is thoroughly evaluated using a detailed scorecard before being set up. This involves analyzing the long-term viability and the impact of the project.

Every one of our projects has community stakeholders; we won’t run a project unless the community not only wants us there, but actually has ownership of the project. Community buy-in is absolutely essential.

We take a holistic approach to the implementation and running of our programs in Africa. We aim to integrate ourselves into every level of the community, working from grassroots to partnerships with local governments. We strive to maximize the impact of our participants and nurture a culture of mutual respect and understanding, and embracing diversity.

Since its inception, African Impact has been pushing the boundaries of international volunteering and service, aiming ever higher to make a genuine contribution to this incredible and diverse continent, and to the people who visit it with us.

We’re constantly reviewing the volunteer landscape, and ourselves in that context. We ask if we’re doing the best we can do, whether our participants are getting the best experience they can, and if collectively, we’re making the biggest impact we can.

In order to truly answer all these questions in the affirmative, we had to ruthlessly stick to our mandate of being better and better, and in so doing, we arrived at an opportunity to transcend the industry of responsible travel, and become a responsible movement – something which galvanizes every staff member, partner, project team and participant to unite, to make a commitment, and to see it through. African Impact Service Learning is the vehicle that will take us all there.