African Impact’s Service Learning team is a diverse mix of talents and skills that together form a cohesive and dynamic unit. The combination of strengths found in our HQ and field teams ensures that our programs are developed and run in a manner that seeks to reinforce our guiding vision and goals, and provides an exceptional support base to our participants.

Andrew Procter, Managing Director

Andrew leads the company day to day; his ability to apply rigorous logic is a vital asset to our team. Particularly in the development of new projects or potential new partnerships, Andrew challenges ideas and assumptions, recognizes value, and establishes linkages until what we are left with is tangible and sound.

His objectivity, combined with his strong individualization abilities means that Andrew has a unique ability to help the team be greater than the sum of its parts.




Ronel Stevens, Head of Academic Operations

Ronel is strongest in the face of new challenges. As a learner, she is invaluable to the team in that she constantly seeks out new developments, trends and best practice in our fields, and challenges our products and methods against them. When this strength is combined with her strong relater abilities, she enthusiastically shares her knowledge, skills and ideas with the team.

She builds relationships with energy and authenticity, and is eager to gain a genuine understanding of the needs and goals of our partners and invest her time and knowledge them. Always prepared to set her broad range of competencies to task in uncharted territory, Ronel provides a crucial link between concept and execution.




Amanda Hawker, Product & Operations Manager

Amanda is strongest in her capacity for strategic thinking; especially in planning and coordinating the various logistical elements necessary to create a successful experience. This distinct way of thinking, a special perspective on the world at large, allows her to see and create patterns and processes where others might simply see complexity.

As a keen observer of people, she has a deep appreciation and understanding of the invisible links that connect humanity. Certain of the unity of humankind, she acts as a bridge builder for people of different cultures and backgrounds.








Natascha Gibson, Relationship Manager

Natascha’s key strength is positivity. She brings energy and optimism to the team, rousing those around her to give 100% to the task at hand. She possesses a keen understanding of people, and is able to build strong, cohesive teams and create productive environments where people are enthusiastic and comfortable to be open with their ideas and opinions.

Combined with her strong empathy and development characteristics, Natascha ensures that the team stays motivated and keeps moving forward.