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African Impact Service Learning Do Good Films

New African Impact Service Learning Video

We were honored to have Do Good Films and Lacy Wittman join us recently in Cape Town, South Africa and Livingstone, Zambia. After spending a few days on project with participants and faculty members and meeting our leadership team in Cape Town, they created this incredible video which we’re excited to share with you.

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St Lucia Celebrating our Differences Blog

Celebrating our Differences: Gender Equality in South Africa

At 17, past participant Lacey Coleman (USA) joined us in St Lucia, South Africa. She asks: Why can’t differences between men and women be celebrated to help encourage equality? As she found out, it seems this step is already being taken in the rural, eastern villages of South Africa where we work.

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Social Work in Cape Town

Cape Town Water Crisis: FAQs

The water crisis in Cape Town has dominated headlines across the world in recent weeks, with many wondering how a thriving, modern city could survive with no running water. Well, we can now proudly announce: WE HAVE OVERCOME DAY ZERO! That’s right, Cape Town will not run out of water in 2018. We’ve answered some key FAQs below to help you understand what joining us in Cape Town this year will mean.

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Maasai Kitendon Event

The Power of Culture in Bringing us Together

“As the dust settled and the cows were brought home for the evening, we ended our day camped on a hilltop overlooking the Rift Valley, reflecting on the incredible experience we had shared. It was one that no amount of tourist dollars could have bought. Instead of being an outsider looking in, I felt a sense of belonging and community.”

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African Impact Girl Impact Graduation

Educate and Empower: Don’t Let These Girls Become Just Another Statistic

On the outskirts of a village in Livingstone, a group of African Impact Service Learning staff and participants, volunteers and community members gather. Today is a celebration, for the Grade 6 girls from our Girl Impact program are graduating.

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Forget the Big 5: Introducing 5 New Lists to Tick Off

Nothing lures in animal lovers, tourists, travelers and adventurers to South Africa quite like the “Big 5”. The desire to see them can be overwhelming sometimes. But, have you ever heard of the ‘little five’, the ‘botany five’, the ‘ugly five’ and the ‘secretive seven’ or the ‘big 6 birds’?

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Interning in Cape Town with African Impact: My Experience

“African Impact is an amazing organization that provided me with the opportunity to challenge myself, learn new skills, live as a local, and wander like a tourist all in one. In so doing, I might have changed my life. I wake up in the mornings here and I am perplexed by the most beautiful city in this beautiful country.”

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Global Goal 4

Free Adult Education for all in Moshi, Tanzania

At African Impact’s program base in Tanzania, we are working towards achieving the Global Goals. Central to all of these aims is education. Global Goal 4 is to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. Free adult literacy classes are one of the ways in which we are doing this.

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Introducing African Impact Service Learning

After more than a decade in the international volunteering realm, African Impact is proud to be launching a new Service Learning platform. Since our inception, we’ve naturally developed strong ties with academia as we constantly seek to expand and deepen our impact in the areas of conservation and community development.

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