Gender Equality Internship in Tanzania

Discover the uniqueness of Tanzania and join us at an inspirational Gender Equality Enterprise Internship. You will connect with a team that allows you to become fully immersed around the six identified ‘pillars’ of women’s development. Explore and help lead the implementation of monitoring and evaluation strategies, new workshops, and be part of a team delivering real solutions – all while being guided and supported in your own development.

Your contribution will guide the support and development of the next generation of female Tanzanian leaders.

This project is being implemented across three countries in Africa with a growing number of girls being helped in South Africa, Tanzania and Zambia.

This internship will speak to those interested in gender studies, human rights, development, communications, education, and global health sciences.


  • Develop valuable understanding of gender-based challenges in Tanzania and within the Maasai culture
  • Gain valuable professional skills in international development at grassroots level
  • Learn research techniques and how to build strong and sustainable program foundations
  • Work on a program that is constantly developing and open to ideas
  • Bring change and see real results

Quick Facts

  • Location Live in the small town of Moshi, at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro
  • Learning Takeaway Learn the local language of Swahili, taught by the traditional Maasai tribe
  • Learning Experience Support the NAFGEM organization in combating issues such as forced youth marriage and genital mutilation
  • Free Time Summit the famous Mount Kilimanjaro and explore local wildlife areas

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Destination Description

Your home during the internship will be Moshi, a small town situated below the majestic Kilimanjaro mountain range. One of the most iconic attractions in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro is the continent’s highest peak, and an incredible sight. Blessed with this view, the busy tourist town of Moshi is a bustling network of food markets and restaurants, with an impressive array of colors, smells, and sounds. Undoubtedly, the most iconic inhabitants of Moshi are the Maasai, a traditional warrior tribe who will impress you with their vibrant culture and warm nature. The area is also rich in wildlife. With monkeys in the trees and lizards sunning themselves on the rocks in your garden, living here is a perfect balance between integrating with the Tanzanians and enjoying the incredible natural setting. During time off, you’ll have the opportunity to visit some of the nearby national parks for spectacular game viewing. You could, for instance, venture to the famous Serengeti and encounter lions, elephants, and rhinos – and, if you’re lucky, you might even witness the hugely impressive Great Wildebeest Migration.

Learning Outcomes

Your Internship assignments will be modified around your skills and professional development goals, ensuring the best possible outcome for both you and the local community.

Included in the internships is a Personal Development Coach and Monitoring and Evaluation Intern specialist who will help guide you every step of the way. Your placement will involve a comprehensive induction, a workshop on expectations and detailed goal setting.

If you intend to use any data collected or analyzed during your internship, arrangements must be made prior to your placement and may require additional documentation from a relevant credit-bearing educational institution for consideration by our board.

Service Impact

You’ll be part of Girl Impact, a pioneering project that addresses the needs of girls between the ages of 10 and 18 in underprivileged African communities. Run collaboratively by the Happy Africa Foundation and African Impact, Girl Impact works to aid in the development and education of girls between the ages of 11 and 18; a crucial time when a girl’s future potential and opportunities can flourish through education and social support – or be stifled by the irreversible effects of child marriage, early pregnancy, HIV and other preventable hardships.

Based in Livingstone (Zambia), Cape Town (South Africa), and Kilimanjaro (Tanzania), Girl Impact works on a grass-roots level to address support and educate young girls to help them make more informed decisions as they move towards womanhood. The project began by carrying out detailed assessments within each community and is designed to address the individual needs and challenges facing girls in that region. To approach the issues in a multi pronged way, the program focuses on six key areas that provide a framework for our initiatives on the ground; education, health, safety, early pregnancy, income generation, and self-confidence.

The Need for a Gender Equality Program in Tanzania

Tanzania is ranked among the poorest countries in the world, with more than a third of its population below the universal poverty line. This, matched with the high regard placed on culture and custom, places a lot of pressure on especially the girl child, who has limited access to services like education, healthcare and means to deciding her own future.

With all the beauty that surrounds Moshi it is hard to accept that this city too, is plagued with great gender inequality, particularly in the domestic arena. Cases of Female Genital Mutilation are high at 37.8% prevalence in Moshi alone. In partnership with the Network Against Female Genital Mutilation (NAFGEM), we are reaching 79 girls currently working through our 6 pillar program for the girls to successfully and safely progress in becoming successful young women.

  • Overview

    Your internship can be 4 weeks to 3 months long and, depending on your time frame, we will ensure you maximise you time and projects. It is important to qualify, before arrival, your aspirations so we can plan and discuss this with you.

    You will have regular hours in the field with agreed feedback and reflection times with your internship support team and will be expected to follow the daily schedule and be fully involved.

Available January to November every year

Living with our team, you will be accommodated in a private African Impact house – our cooks and cleaners will ensure that you are well taken care of! The house is within the town and a short walk to most projects, coffee shops, and restaurants. There are a few nearby hotels where you can spend some time by the pool and use the Wi-Fi to contact home.

Logistics included and provided by African Impact are:

  • Participants will be collected from the airport upon arrival and transferred to base
  • Accommodation is based in our own house with simple, but comfortable shared rooms with communal ablutions
  • All meals for the duration of the project, with the exception of free days will be provided
  • Any transport required for program activities will be provided
  • Participants will be transferred back to the airport for their departure
  • You will have access to African Impact’s 24 hour support team – meeting and working with them on a daily basis.